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Sue West. Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, my latest degree and a career I’ll be in for the duration.

Did you read The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams? Or Carl Rogers, humanist psychologist, On Becoming? Or Michelle Obama’s book (or fabulous journal?) All are about my favorite topics, that our lives are about becoming the real version of ourselves. That’s been my journey and I share my advice, wisdom and education through my writing and my photography, as I have learned to slow down (that was a big change!), and pay attention to the details, especially of nature.

My career is about “sitting with clients.” Client services, account executive, manager, troubleshooter in corporate; then starting my professional organizing company, working side by side with clients; onto coaching, and as of 2019, mental health counselor.

My life has been about shedding co-dependency, about unmasking who I was deep down, about Cohesity interview being more comfortable in my skin and becoming bolder as I went through life. I’ve had three therapists along the way and still work with someone these days; I believe in counseling when you have the right fit. And I believe in it for people who have many mental health needs, who struggle every day, as well as for those who are working on that unmasking/becoming process of who you are.

In my books, blogs and photography my intent is to share what I have learned, advice,  organize for a fresh start bookexperience so that it will ideally give you more ways to work on whatever you’re struggles are. With photography, it is interesting to see how people interpret, what they see, and it slows us down, whether taking or looking at a photo, and especially because I photograph the details of life.

I have also shared expertise through presentations, as far away as Japan, to the Life Organisers association and many locally when I had my organizing and coaching business. Some people cannot or will not hire someone to work with one on one and choose to work on organization on their own or with their therapist or group they belong to. Great – that’s why the books are here for you.


(c) Susan Fay West

(c) Susan Fay West


Some of my photography. Available for sales in greeting cards, phone covers and more on my site. A few photos are also available on Shutterstock.com


Staying up to Date

I love to learn. I’m curious and enjoy hearing other perspectives.  The credentials are important  so that you know I continue to educate myself, understand ethics, and also that I grow; I want to continually bring this to clients.    


CACREP mental health counseling

                                 Master’s in Mental Health Counseling



I’m proud to have been involved in this organization for many years, the Board research director and ultimately president. The organization works with people who have difficulties with organization of our “stuff,” our thoughts, or our time.  Organization and productivity.


Coaching and Organizing certification ICF

ICF Accredited Coach Training

Along the way of professional organizing, I realized that organization goes deeper and is more difficult for some who can’t “just do it.” That’s what the coaching program was about, above.

And before all that: Master’s of Business Administration, MBA, marketing, Babson College, Massachusetts.  Liberal arts Bachelor’s undergraduate degree, French Studies. Smith College, Massachusetts.

I’m a proud member of this organization. I encourage you to check them out. We raise funds for local organizations and have fun when we get together. Click the logo to see 2020 and prior winners of our funding. It feels so good!

100 Women Who Care - Nashua, NH

Nashua, NH Chapter

I share these coaching testimonials to give you a sense of what you will experience in my books. I am no longer coaching but I build coaching into my books and my counseling.