Coach Sue West,
Productivity & ADHD Coach

Why Organization/Productivity Matters – In the Deepest Sense

When and why does organization or productivity matter ? This won’t be the usual answer you’re reading everywhere in January. I’d like you to consider that “organization” and “productivity” are purely tools, and not the end in and of themselves,…

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Get Super Clear on Priorities [2 Minute Video Tip]

Too much on your plate; deadlines are on top of you; you feel as if you can’t breathe, sleep or eat ? Set priorities, but how, when you’re so stressed? I’m sharing with you another of my “2 Minutes Matters”…

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2 Engaging Speakers. My Personal Notes. ICD Conference.

I could have been a perpetual student. That’s how engaging I find learning. I actually believe it is a way my brain stays focused and engaged, to have this habit of learning new things. As I’ve grown into this career,…

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money is the mask

How to Have Easier Pricing Discussions with Clients

Difficult pricing discussions: Your client is surprised by the final project invoice. You knew this pricing discussion was coming but didn’t know how to talk about it earlier. Or like many self-employed people, you have always found it difficult to…

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refuse to go down the black hole

That Black Hole Again! How to Avoid it.

On falling down the proverbial black hole and resilience: “Every week was a new level of growth and intensity… Having gone through that now, it’s much easier to look at the challenges that come up as a bump in the…

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winding road back: co-dependency challenges

Co-Dependency: Start by Paying Attention

I’m inspired here at my farmhouse inn, on vacation, our inn with mountain and wooded views out every window.  This feels like a retreat space, and in fact, last time we vacationed here, a guest was spending a month on…

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