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money and adhd

Financial Clutter or “Stuff:” Highest Priority?

Decluttering priorities: Which makes more sense to start with:  finances and financial clutter or our regular, things and “stuff?” I hadn’t thought of this question before in quite this way, and it’s pertinent to decluttering projects to be sure. From…

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bill paying: start from where you are

Bill Paying Systems: 5 Steps to Create or Untangle Yours

Another “how to” post, part 2 of bill paying systems. I hope by now, you’ve answered the questions from my first blog post because they are crucial to setting up YOUR system, which fits how you think and work. I…

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bill paying - avoidance

Bill Paying Systems: How to Start

Bill paying systems: A reader asks  “Dear Sue: Do you have any suggestions on how to organize household bill paying? My husband does that now and I would like to come up to speed on it. I would like to…

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money talk with yourself

Money Talk with Yourself

How and why do you need to have a money talk with yourself? And especially before you talk with your spouse or your aging parents? We all have our own “money stuff,” or even “money clutter.” Here’s something to think…

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Money clutter

Money Clutter & Self-Worth

Clutter shows up not only with our things, thoughts, and in our time. Money clutter is about beliefs we have not examined in awhile.  It is part of every relationship, whether business partners, life partners, siblings or with parents. Are…

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