Coach Sue West,
Productivity & ADHD Coach

5 Signs You Have A Full Plate

You have a full plate and you’re a little upset that you didn’t see it coming.  You’d rather see the “plate too full” train as it’s approaching, and NOT after it’s run over you. But you wonder: “How did I…

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money and adhd

Financial Clutter or “Stuff:” Highest Priority?

Decluttering priorities: Which makes more sense to start with:  finances and financial clutter or our regular, things and “stuff?” I hadn’t thought of this question before in quite this way, and it’s pertinent to decluttering projects to be sure. From…

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bill paying: start from where you are

Bill Paying Systems: 5 Steps to Create or Untangle Yours

Another “how to” post, part 2 of bill paying systems. I hope by now, you’ve answered the questions from my first blog post because they are crucial to setting up YOUR system, which fits how you think and work. I…

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bill paying - avoidance

Bill Paying Systems: How to Start

Bill paying systems: A reader asks  “Dear Sue: Do you have any suggestions on how to organize household bill paying? My husband does that now and I would like to come up to speed on it. I would like to…

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reflect on reorganizing goals

Reorganize after Big Life Changes: Move Forward

Life’s transitions usually require that we reorganize and adapt to the changes we’ve just gone through. Whether it’s marriage, children, empty nest or a change in careers, becoming a supervisor or starting a business, how we “organize life” and our…

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Journaling for Organizing

Journaling to support organizing: A spiral-bound journal, so it can lay flat.  A set of Crayola markers. Thoughts, wants, reflections. The value of journaling to organizing ? Only you have that answer. But I will suggest that you simply start….

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