Coach Sue West,
Productivity & ADHD Coach


Be Bolder. Answer These 3 Questions to Start.

Be Bold. Bolder Than You Think You Can. Here’s How.   The kind of bold I’m talking about looks like this. You may have read the full article earlier this year about what to do with this feeling like you’re not…

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Procrastination and emotions - never stuck

3 Steps to Your Vision Board: Live Intentionally

January is over but it’s not too late at all to consider a “forced pause,” and decide on some visions or goals for this year. A calendar year doesn’t need to determine when you can decide what you want to…

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Why Organization/Productivity Matters – In the Deepest Sense

When and why does organization or productivity matter ? This won’t be the usual answer you’re reading everywhere in January. I’d like you to consider that “organization” and “productivity” are purely tools, and not the end in and of themselves,…

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Divide up the work

Productivity. ADHD. My New 2 Minute Videos.

Some people enjoy reading and others would prefer to watch or listen. I took on a 30 day video marketing challenge [and wrote it about it in my last newsletter]. I’ve been wanting to create productivity video suggestions for awhile,…

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refuse to go down the black hole

That Black Hole Again! How to Avoid it.

On falling down the proverbial black hole and resilience: “Every week was a new level of growth and intensity… Having gone through that now, it’s much easier to look at the challenges that come up as a bump in the…

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pay attention

Your Full Plate: 5 Signs to Get Things Under Control Again

It’s a sign. Remember the last time you were so overwhelmed and then you got sick? You missed a commitment to someone important? You fell and hurt yourself. You  had a crying jag or a temper blowup. You made a…

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