Coach Sue West,
Productivity & ADHD Coach

pay attention

Your Full Plate: 5 Signs to Get Things Under Control Again

It’s a sign. Remember the last time you were so overwhelmed and then you got sick? You missed a commitment to someone important? You fell and hurt yourself. You  had a crying jag or a temper blowup. You made a…

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winding road back: co-dependency challenges

Co-Dependency: Start by Paying Attention

I’m inspired here at my farmhouse inn, on vacation, our inn with mountain and wooded views out every window.  This feels like a retreat space, and in fact, last time we vacationed here, a guest was spending a month on…

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reflect on reorganizing goals

Reorganize after Big Life Changes: Move Forward

Life’s transitions usually require that we reorganize and adapt to the changes we’ve just gone through. Whether it’s marriage, children, empty nest or a change in careers, becoming a supervisor or starting a business, how we “organize life” and our…

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Press for attention

Forgetting More Lately? 8 Solutions.

Forgetting things more often lately? You look up something on the internet and suddenly remember “Oh, I forgot. I have to make my airport shuttle reservation.” Or you need to remind a team member that you need an answer on…

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post it note - next steps

Interruptions: How to Find Your Place Again

Until we magically figure out how to prevent interruptions, and appropriate ways to ask the person interrupting us to talk to us later, here’s an easier, practical solution. Continue working on how to sequester yourself when you need to for…

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ADHD juggling

ADHD and Couples: Where to Start

More and more, adults are discovering they have had ADHD their whole lives.  Many are surprised, when they take in their child for an assessment, to hear about ADHD and realize it all sounds very familiar. Alternative strategies to being…

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