Coach Sue West,
Productivity & ADHD Coach

What I’ve Learned: My 30 Day Video Marketing Challenge

Who knew I could learn as much about myself in what seemed like a simple 30 day video marketing challenge! Like so many other things we try or do in life, this is an “inside job” as much as it…

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pathways to productivity

3 Best Tools: Pathway to Productivity

Highlighting today my 3 most recommended tools for organization and productivity at the office. What are they, how people are using them and why I find them so useful. I purposefully chose 3 non-tech tools.  A mix of technology and…

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time management-wearing many hats

Unravel Your Time Management Challenges

Working in a corporate environment, I had to use the time management and task management tools which the company dictated, such as LotusNotes, Outlook, paper planner pads, and Microsoft Project. Now in my second career as a business owner, I…

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bill paying: start from where you are

Bill Paying Systems: 5 Steps to Create or Untangle Yours

Another “how to” post, part 2 of bill paying systems. I hope by now, you’ve answered the questions from my first blog post because they are crucial to setting up YOUR system, which fits how you think and work. I…

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bill paying - avoidance

Bill Paying Systems: How to Start

Bill paying systems: A reader asks  “Dear Sue: Do you have any suggestions on how to organize household bill paying? My husband does that now and I would like to come up to speed on it. I would like to…

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Going Back to School – As An Adult

Most of my clients are mid life and beyond and they are embarking on new chapters in life – exciting, daunting, refreshing and uncomfortable – all at once! A way to feel more comfortable is to take a little bit…

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