Organized with ADHD

Podcast Interview – Staying Organized While Managing Your ADHD – Sue West with Janet M. Taylor

Staying Organized While Managing Your ADHD: I was invited recently to be a guest with Janet M. Taylor, a colleague. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation, my advice, her tips and the questions she had for me (including how do…

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Emotions, ADHD & Decisions

“Decision making is intrinsically linked to our emotions.” ~ Catherine Price, writing for “For those with ADHD, chronic problems with recognizing and responding to various emotions tend to be a primary factor in their difficulties with managing daily life.”…

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ADHD Support: Step #1 Build Your Team (CHADD Talk Preview)

You’re an adult, with ADHD. Diagnosed or “pretty sure of it.” You may have recently discovered this about yourself, or discovered it awhile ago but at that stage of your life, it was all too much to wrestle with. So…

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Self-Care: 4 Strategies to Push through Perfectionism & Procrastination

Sue: Does this sound like you? I am always late. I never seem to be able to get to my most important goal. I am too busy. I try, but I keep hitting roadblocks. Maybe I am not `cut out`…

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college reunion Smith College

Letting Go of Your High School Senior

When I think of `letting go,` as an organizing coach, I think about our stuff, our habits which no longer serve us, and our internal clutter. I hadn`t thought about high school seniors ! It started about a year ago,…

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Declutter Your Mind: 6 Ways to Start

Declutter your mind.  The fastest way to combat that feeling of constant distraction. That nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something – or someone. Declutter and you’ll find focus again. Like with “things,” declutter first, and organize second. Two distinct steps;…

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