next chapters Pema Chodron

Next Chapters: Where to Start

There’s a gaping hole in your life because of a big event:  a career change, a significant health or mental health diagnosis, the end of a relationship,  or your adult children are fully on their own. You know you need…

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Simon Sinek

Tidy or Messy? How it Relates to Social Media and People Skills.

Messy: The Power of Disorder is all about the balance of tidy and messy, yet NOT about our Things. Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age is filled with research about the younger generations’…

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Your Systems Are the Calm in the Storm of Change

When I’m working with a client, I often find myself saying “And let’s look at how much change has been happening in your life recently, though. Is it any wonder you got off track with …” We use our mental,…

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More Change is on the Way: You Already Know How

So you’re going for that management or leadership role. Or you’ve just had your second child and oh, yes, you’ve also decided it’s time to move homes. Or you’ve decided that you want to declutter so you can do the…

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How Much Change is Happening: Part 2- Practicing.

Last blog, I wrote about questions to ask yourself so that you can keep track of how much change is going on for you, over the course of time. Why is that important? Because we often don’t realize how much…

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How Much Change is Happening in Your Life?

One of the most difficult challenges is noticing how much change is happening in your life. Yes, you can feel it when too much change is happening, but by the time you feel it, you could be sick, or feeling…

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