4 Memory Supports to Use When You’re Overwhelmed

No matter how organized you might usually be, memory supports are necessary when we are overwhelmed with life, if we’re on anxiety overdrive, certainly with ADHD or if we are in the midst of  life changes.  Memory support will calm…

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Feeling Distracted by Your Thoughts and To Do’s?

Distracted? It’s pretty common as we change seasons and move towards that internal back-to-school clock we all have. Back-to-school transitions affects most of us: we are either parents, or we are the second person on the “pick up after school”…

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Fresh Starts – My Interview at "Oh, So Organized" with Linda Samuels

“I didn’t realize how much was happening in my life until I told you what the last few years have been like.” “I’m stuck and can’t figure how to move on – plus, I don’t know what’s next. “ A…

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