be here now mindfull #my3words

2020: My 3 Words #my3words

My 3 words this year are: faith, become, and mindful. I first read about this approach from Chris Brogan and its simplicity and creativity resonate with me. It works for me to cut through all the clutter, noise and complexities…

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me time

“Me Time”: 2020 Intention

“Me time”: How much you get depends on many factors, and one of them is you. (Others can include: ages of children, caring for an aging parent or a child/adult who needs more parent time, your mental health, work/school, etc.)….

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Tinker Toys: A Roundup of Creative Ideas for Establishing Focus in 2011

Remember Tinker Toys? I don’t remember if they were mine or if I borrowed them from my brothers, but I loved Tinker Toys. I took this picture at The Vermont Country store. See the manual in the picture? Do you…

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From My Clients to Me to You: Top 10 Gifts List

This is not a post about how to return your holiday gifts, your white elephants, your future Yankee swap presents (with apologies to people who are not New England Yankees and don’t know what that phrase means ! ) This…

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