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Healthy Habits: Where to Start if You Work from Home [Part 1]

With less built-in structure to our days, one of the hardest habits for the self employed or work-at-home professionals is healthy habits, or productive self-care. This article is about healthy habits: finding your “why,” what some healthy habits are to…

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Email: Steps to Stop the Time Leak in Your Days [Productivity Video Links]

One of the time leaks in the bucket of your days. It interferes with your day. Time passes too quickly. Think about this though. How many “to do” tasks are actually sitting your email box? Lots more than you think….

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An Email Routine: How to Create Your Own [And a look at mine]

“I forgot to get back to that client and it’s been 2 weeks!”  “Ugh. There’s so much email. I want to leave it and RUN!”  “Where will I EVER find that vendor’s estimate?” Too much email. Not the best way…

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How Much Change is Happening: Part 2- Practicing.

Last blog, I wrote about questions to ask yourself so that you can keep track of how much change is going on for you, over the course of time. Why is that important? Because we often don’t realize how much…

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How Much Change is Happening in Your Life?

One of the most difficult challenges is noticing how much change is happening in your life. Yes, you can feel it when too much change is happening, but by the time you feel it, you could be sick, or feeling…

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Perspectives Podcasts: 4 Tips to Get Started with Self-Care

Easy enough to say we want to take better care of ourselves. Difficult to do… oh so difficult. When Carol Williams and I last joined you via podcast or this blog, we asked you some questions: What gives you energy?…

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