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Busy Mind. Busy Life.

(c) Sue West photo - Cape Cod chaos

(c) Sue West photo – Cape Cod chaos

  • You’ve worked with a business coach or attended a business bootcamp. Your mind is filled with ideas on growing your business. Yet you’re running in circles trying to figure out where to start. It’s so much to work on.
  • You need to get caught up but you can’t find enough time in your days, so it’s not getting done. Delegation is difficult.
  • You often say “Everything is a priority; how can I choose?” You never really learned how to prioritize well.
  • You tend towards procrastination, especially on difficult projects or client/employee conversations.
  • You want to get to the big goals and strategies, yet the day to day stuff takes up all of your time.
  • Systems: you need them but they haven’t worked before or you’re not clear where to start.

​I really appreciate how you help me organize these disparate threads into a plan!~ self employed business owner

Too Little Time. 

You’re afraid of failing. Not contributing how you want to. Not delivering on the passion or purpose you think is your reason for working.

The boundaries between work and life are bleeding together and you’re constantly running, much more tired than you should be for your age and stage of life.

You aren’t using your time how you want to, but how do you create that time?

You know you could get more done, if only …

You’re not sure how to do things differently. You’ve done as much as you can and now you’re stuck. There’s that one habit or behavior that you’ve tried to manage around (procrastination, distractions, fear, an inaccurate sense of time, etc.)

Grow Yourself & Grow Your Business

What if this time, things could be different?

What if we could figure it out together? [I have a 3 month package that works well here and gives us both a deadline for results.]

It’s about managing yourself, your life and work tasks, your energy, self-care, how you set limits on other people’s requests, delegation, the tools, priorities, values and more. Practical, emotional, psychological, all rolled together.

It is a lot to sort through on your own. And that’s what I do well. [Read what clients are saying here.]

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

If you want to hear and see my productivity suggestions, my videos are 2-5 minutes, focused on one suggestion each time. [More are here.]

I’m experienced at working with people about use of their time and with these internal issues. I am an experienced Certified Organizer Coach®, as well as a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®. I have a great deal of education by professionals outside but related to the organizing and productivity worlds. Plus, the benefits of a prior corporate career [read: lots of on-the-job training!]

In my first career,  I worked in the database marketing and software industry. I held roles or created new departments in client services, project management, management and product development. These roles were about sorting out the pieces, understanding internal and external client needs, putting the puzzle together and then mentoring people to make best use of their talents and our products.

I’ve had this business since 2004. When I say “grow yourself and grow your business,” I know that’s true. working on your own, you have to learn what it takes to make this work. I’ve had some of my own struggles with “time management,” so relate on that level, too.  [Read: I’ve learned how to outsmart my own mind and manage around them … when I’m following the strategies that work.]

And Your Part

You are the expert on you, what’s happening, what’s getting in your way and where you eventually want to get to. You know which time and energy systems you’ve used before which have worked or not worked.

We keep it real and practical, and small in scope so we can both see results sooner than later. And we build up from there, if you like.

You are an integral partner. I’m not here to tell you what to do. You have more of the answers than you may realize; that’s part of what we figure out together, as I start with you from where you are, challenge you, ask the difficult or thought provoking questions and cheer you on, to where you want to go.


(c) Sue West photo – Making time for what’s important. Acadia, Maine photo.

We start here.

  • A no charge, intro call: problems, goals or results, partnership fit;
  • You’ll receive my “Working Together” document [payment, confidentiality, goals, hours, etc.];
  • And also my “reflection” questions to answer for our first regular meeting.

At our next meeting …

  • Specifics about how your time and energy challenges affect you day-to-day (from reflection questions);
  • Where to focus first (goals/priorities);
  • What you’d like to achieve and by when; What is success to you?
  • Discuss our partnership, accountability and support in between meetings;
  • And regular scheduling.

Future meetings include …

  • In person, by phone or a hybrid approach.
  • Learning from what worked and what did not work [no judgement; only learning];
  • Deciding what accountability looks like;
  • Identifying other support, self-care, people, resources;
  • Continuing until the end of your defined time package or else if one of us says “I think we’re done on this goal. We did it!”

Take a next step.

Talk with me, a Certified Organizer Coach, for 15 or 20 minutes to see if there’s a fit with what you’re thinking you need.

Call 603.554.1948 or email:

Stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter, sent every 6 weeks.  This and my blog will give you a sense of the types of topics I focus on.  The newsletter includes one article and my ADHD Awareness section.

And again, my productivity tips on videos are here.

*By phone * In person * Your own mixture.*



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