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My story

Susan Fay WestNot that assessments tell the whole story, but here are some clues about me:

Top 5 character strengths from the VIA survey here include:

  • Forgiveness (I give second chances)
  • Honesty
  • Judgment (Not what it sounds like! It’s thinking things through, looking at different perspectives, not jumping to conclusions)
  • Gratitude
  • Love of learning.

Top 5 Gallup Strengths Finder words: Responsibility, relator, learner, intellection (introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions), and connectedness.


Gallup Strengths Finder

Life and difficult transitions  In a period of roughly eighteen months, I managed my way through several major life changes and transitions, changing almost every aspect of my life. Divorce, move to another state, looked at all my relationships and friendships, figured out what was important, and how I could rebuild a life I wanted. And as a self employed business owner – that was a surprise, but here we are, many years later!

The end of the story is that I came out quite happy on the other side of all of this change and enjoy my life immensely.

I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. And that is a place many of my clients start.

Next chapters - ADHD organizational guru

[My story – interviewed by Mike Morin.]

As a child, I was extremely shy and it’s been a journey ever since, to find my voice and wisdom that people told me I had. But did I believe it? Not until I was in my 40’s and started to focus on me instead of everyone else’s needs.  I understood a whole lot more about confidence versus self-esteem, a life long issue many of my clients struggle with.

Listen to my story here, in a thoughtful interview with Mike Morin, on his podcast “40 Is the New Happy: A Study in Second Acts.”

We work at it from the practical side, essentially proving that you CAN do this organizational stuff of work and life.

I had lost myself in many of the roles I played, at work and in relationships. I didn’t understand boundaries until I was in my 40’s. Boundaries  play a great deal into keeping hold of who you are and what you stand for, where your “line” is, and how you deal with people in life and work.  I avoided the tough stuff. In 2015, one of my three focus words/phrases was “lean in,” and I meant that at work and in life. It is a constant struggle, but I’m aware of it and work hard at it. And it’s great when I see that it’s really working!

respect yourself quote Along the way, there were things I couldn’t figure out on my own. Two individuals were tremendous support and I’d encourage to think of this path: a therapist whose direct style worked wonders, and a life and ADHD coach, with unending patience and wisdom. I have had and have accountability partners whose wisdom and candor have been key to my success.

When I turned 50 that I decided to more seriously deal with the ADHD piece. I’d been able to compensate with my organizational and work/productivity strategies for the most part, but the cracks were showing up again. So back I went to my team.

We all have our own perspectives. Part of my role is to help you open up to other possibilities when you are feeling stuck, whether we are focused on systems for productivity in self employment or at work, or managing your ADHD or other brain based challenge.

My wonderful, insightful clients, too, are a great source of inspiration, new perspectives, new ideas, insights and resources. They also, by the work they are committed to doing, make me want to give my best in each conversation we have. We hold each other up. [Read what clients say here.]

My favorite hobby. Perspectives again!

My favorite hobby. Perspectives again!

I love to learn for the awareness it gives me about the material and myself. I’m curious and enjoy hearing other perspectives. I add what I learn to what I already know and hopefully, my clients benefit from all of this.  The credentials are important more so that you know I continue to educate myself so that I’m aware of new ideas or approaches which might be useful to you and so that I continue to grow and stretch my own abilities.




Organizing and Coaching: Professional Certifications



Certified Organizer CoachCertified (and twice recertified) as a coach (COC®) through The Institute for Applied Coaching, after completion of comprehensive coach training from  The Coach Approach for Organizers,  designated an Accredited Coach Training Program, through the International Coach



ICF Accredited Coach Training





ADHD coaching credentials

Member of the ADHD Coaches Organization. To be listed in the directory, one’s background is vetted by the organization first.





Continued education

25+ hours of ICD teleclasses annually, from  psychologists, therapists, productivity experts.

Advanced coaching classes each year.

 Annual educational conference.

MBA, marketing, Babson College, Massachusetts

 Liberal arts BA, French Studies. Smith College, Massachusetts.

Chronic Disorganization: Award Credential

Level V – Master Trainer in Chronic Disorganization & Organization, ICD Conference Dinner 2015


Giving back through leadership

President, Institute for Challenging Disorganization [chronic disorganization, neurodiverse clients]

2 years on the national Board for the ICD as Research Director

ICD Board: July 2015 became the president-elect

2 time president, local NAPO chapter of professional organizers

Member of NAPO national organization.

Member of ADHD Coaches

Presented for CHADD at their international conference.

[For presentations, please see this page.]

challenging disorganization

NAPO member - National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals

credentials - organizing

…and through presenting and educating.

When I started my business, I knew from experience that people learn and engage in different ways. Besides working one-on-one with people, I have always taught workshops, classes and presented to groups.

I’ve consistently been invited back and receive high marks for my compassionate, thought provoking style of getting material across to people and working on it with them. My programs page is here, which tells you about the types of groups and topics I’ve been asked to present to, several testimonials and my background.

I love the energy I see when groups start talking about the material together during our time together (and I learn something new every single time, about myself, my style, or from the people I’m working with).


What about you?  If you love to learn and search for your own personal best, we might work well together.

Email me using the buttons below or at Sue@CoachSueWest.com. Or call 603.554.1948 for a no charge call of about 20 minutes. I promise you’ll walk away from the call with at least one new insight.

Not quite there yet? Take advantage of advice my blog or newsletter. Or read my book about organizing through life’s changes.