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book organize for a fresh startLife’s big events. Marriage, care-giving, widowed. And that place between the old chapter and the new chapter  is even more difficult. The “before and the after.”

Organizing -or reorganizing – helps you clear your space, let go of what was (not entirely though), and figure out what will move forward with you.

“The book starts out with a premise that intrigues me. The premise is that organizational skills are tied to life changes. This is and was new to me.”

  • Clear the fog, that overwhelming feeling you have;
  • Build some pieces of your next chapter even if you don’t know what it’ll look like;
  • Get clear on what’s easy (or easier) to let go of …. and which things are truly important

Organizing Industry Leaders Say

“Sue West has written on a topic dear to my heart, getting organized to cope with and embrace change and transitions. Organize for a Fresh Start is a great roadmap.”

Judith Kolberg, Author, Industry Leader. Judith  is credited with launching an entire field of professional organizing specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals who are challenged by chronic disorganization.


“Sue’s sage organizing advice is complemented by provocative coaching questions that will evoke and deepen each reader’s essential self-knowledge. Reassuring and comprehensive, this is a map of well-being and empowerment for those traveling the rough road of a chosen or imposed life renovation.”

Denslow Brown,  developer of The Coach Approach for Organizers, an ICF accredited coach training program, Master Certified Coach, and Industry Leader.

organize for a fresh start book

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