ADHD Workbook

Change Your Habits:  ADHD Style


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This book is for you if you are ….

  • Recently, officially diagnosed (Finally, you understand, right?). But now what?
  • Diagnosed as a child or young adult, your ADHD was going along okay and now seems to have erupted like a volcano. This is fairly typical as life gets more complex.
  • Transitioning into high school, college, married life, or building a family: these are all are “tipping points” when what used to work doesn’t seem to anymore.
  • Perhaps you’re a mid or later life woman, who has multiple roles, along with hormonal changes. These will make it difficult to keep up, “suddenly.”
  • Perhaps you’re not officially diagnosed. But your friends, spouse and others are tired of (fill in the blank for your own life) and you have decided it is time. Time to figure it out because you want to feel better about yourself, you want to manage life more easily and follow through on your word.


I get it. I wrote this workbook to help you discover a new set of plays to manage your days and life more easily. 

A normal part of the ADHD brain is that short term and working memory are not as strong as when ADHD is not in the mix. “Working” memory is how many things you can keep in mind at once. An example is keeping a list in your head. Knowing you have 6 items to get at the store, but forget several when you get into the store.

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you have had a workable system but as time goes along, you forget about using the system. Or you change something because you think it’s the system and change again and again … and then get lost in so many systems.

This workbook gives you one place to keep track. You’ll also find education, tracking sheets, tips and client comments.

I hope other people’s experience will inspire you to keep going and believe that the work you’ll do will pay off. You’ll see some of their words throughout the book.

Sue West, ADHD & Organizing Coach





PS You can use the workbook entirely on your own. Or you can use it alongside private coaching, or with a  little bit of guidance.

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