Adults with ADHD (or similar symptoms)

At this time I am not taking on new clients and so have these two recommendations for you. Both are people I have known for years and trust. Both are experienced and well rounded with different skill sets; read more about them on their About Us pages.

For coaching services/ADHD expertise:
Helen Montfort, PCC, COC®, Making Space for Life

For virtual organizing U.S. or in person organizing in the NH/MA areas:
Kim Cox, PackRat Solutions
Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization, Institute for Challenging Disorganization® (ICD); Level I Certificate of Study in Understanding Hoarding Behavior, Institute for Challenging Disorganization® (ICD)

Attention, Time, Energy Struggles: ADHD?

Anything familiar here? You’re distractible. Not getting enough done – as much as you think you could. Chaotic days. Organization and productivity: one big struggle.

Trouble starting tasks, knowing your priorities, and working the plan when you have it. Sticking with the high priorities.

Transitioning: into Mondays, in and out of tasks, getting to work or appointments on time.

Your mind is way too busy, filled up with so many things. You’re forgetful and can’t always rely on your working memory.

Your spouse is frustrated with your seeming lack of caring or responsibility.

You’re self-employed and don’t feel like you’re living up to your potential, so you’re nervous the business may suffer. Or you work in a company and your manager doesn’t understand how you think or what you need, so you’re not on the same page.

Hope – and achieving your potential – through ADHD Coaching for Adults

Many people call and have an official ADHD diagnosis by a neuropsychologist. Medication may or may not be part of the equation; more and more people are trying better self-care and exercise first. So we start wherever you are.

Other people call and experience similar struggles and symptoms I listed above but may or may not have ADHD.

Others had a diagnosis when they were a child, sort of ignored it or didn’t accept it as a young adult. And now it’s showing up again, usually at work or in a relationship.

So we start wherever you are. You know yourself best.


Adult ADHD

Click to read the article.  Pleased to be quoted in How Do I Know if I Have Adult ADHD?” 

Adult ADHD Organizing & Personal Productivity Coaching: What does it take?

  • Openness to try new ways.
  • Practice with new strategies or behaviors.
  • Notice what gets in the way, so you can learn from it.
  • Pay attention to what works, so we can create your go-to strategies you know will work again and again.
  • Collaborating with me about your version of ADHD. It shows differently for each person.

You’ll develop your own best practices to organize your work, life, yourself, your time and your mind.

You’ll notice less judgment of yourself and/or by others.

You’ll reach more of your potential.

You will be the person you want to be, not the late, distracted, overwhelmed one you may feel you are now. 



Learn how coaching works.

Sound good so far?

Please call to set a 20 minute coaching call (or so) to answer your questions, solve a problem or two, and see if there’s a fit.

Call 603.554.1948


Not quite ready? Stay in touch through my monthly blog & video roundup.  Or, click here to read a sample.

Not quite ready or prefer to work on your own, but with a bit of guidance from me?

Try my book or follow my videos.


Change Your Habits: ADHD Style (paperback). July 2019 release.

A workbook to learn more about how ADHD shows up in your life, and how to add/change a habit, ADHD style.

And I wrote an article on how to get started with the workbook, because getting started is hard sometimes. Click here. 


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Honored to have written the Introduction to ADHD class for ICD. 2019.



Selected to write the Foreword to “the red book” – ADHD Friendly Strategies.


Kolberg/Nadeau – a Classic !

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