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Sue West – See my “About Sue” page for more.

First Step: Introductory Call: Are we a good fit?

Trust and relationship strength are cornerstones of successful work.

We talk for 20-30 minutes, so come with problems, goals or results you need.

We’ll talk about:

  • how we’d work together on your specific goals
  • a few new ideas and suggestions on the spot
  • answers to your questions: pricing, my approach, what this will do for you – whatever questions you have.

If that sounds good, I’ll send my “Working Together” document [payment, confidentiality, hours, etc.]. Second,  I will send “reflection” questions to organize your needs and thoughts for our first regular meeting.

optins for working together

Options for Meetings  

I offer coaching, by phone or by Zoom/virtual face to face, a time reflect and learn and change habits. I also offer virtual organizational and productivity sessions, very practical, hands on even though we are virtual, as we can look at calendars, to do lists, your papers or your room you want to declutter/reorganize.

  • 3 month package:
    • Useful if you want a concrete deadline for your goal and the accountability. This package came about because clients asked for deadlines.
    • Total of 6 hours, over 3 months.
    • Discount for multiple months. Payable half up front, and remainder at the half-way point.
    • PLUS you may email me in between calls, to stay connected on your goals, provide any useful accountability you need, answer or ask question so that you don’t get stuck.
  • Monthly payment, one month at a time:
    • Useful for ongoing virtual decluttering and decision making,  for productivity as we look at systems you use; habits and maintenance, organizing or downsizing (typically creating a road map together, or virtual decision making support).
    • Also useful for full coaching though this is typically about a 3 month process because of the lasting changes and habits we are working on together.
    • 2 hours of time each month, ( 2 1/2 the first month), divided up however you like ( I will share recommendations or options if that helps).
    • PLUS you may email me in between calls, to stay connected on your goals, provide any useful accountability you need, answer or ask question so that you don’t get stuck.
  • Tune-up or tapering off coaching: After your significant work is accomplished and habits are stabilized, you may want occasional support.
    • You may want: an occasional check in; verbal processing to work out things with an unconditional ear, or a safety net.
    • You  may have new goals.
    • You design what works: the same schedule for a certain number of months as; half the number of monthly sessions, once a month, or occasional.
  • Topic Specific “On call”: You may have one question or one project you want to work on. It may not be coaching, but advice on an organizational or work/productivity issue.
    • Examples might be: getting to work on time; creating a schedule that works; a road map for that room you want to declutter and reorganize; specific skills like managing interruptions or making better decisions; education and strategies for how to explain to your spouse your own special wiring (commonly ADHD in one spouse and not the other),  or a new routine you want to get to be a habit. 
    • Whatever your question is, at our introductory call, we’d scope it out to see how many meetings it would take for you to feel comfortable and that becomes the price.
        • Professional fees are good for the calendar year. Returning clients do not pay “new client” prices. Your fee will higher than it was if it’s been awhile, but always lower than brand new; we already know each other and we already know what works for you.

        coaching-how it works

        Our Meetings

        (1) First meeting (1 hour): We work to understand what’s happening: the problems, frustrations, and day-to-day effects (from your reflection questions). We narrow in on a goal or result so you know this is worth your time/money. We look at causes, so the issues get resolved for good and you know how to get back on track when life inevitably erupts.

        (2) We work out strategies, routines, habits, and tools that work for your way of thinking, your wiring. Especially true for ADHD.

        (3) We decide together what “curious” [no judgment] accountability looks like for in between session “homework” as you try out new ways of managing things. We learn either  your best ways of handling things, or we learn from what got in the way (and ways to prevent that in the future).

        (4) Identify support, self-care, people, resources – ways for you to continue, and especially with ADHD to remember to use your best strategies. I call that your “safety net.”


        This is not therapy, and yet the practical work gives people hope they can carry through on commitments and believe in themselves again. Therapy and coaching may work on similar issues, but coaching is the practical, reflective piece; therapy tends to be more about your emotions, patterns, and deeper work. They complement each other well.

        Adult ADHD - Organize to Thrive

        Is it time for you to get on YOUR right path?   (C) Sue West. Fuller Gardens, New Hampshire

        Sound good so far?

        Please call to set a 20 minute coaching call (or so) to answer your questions, solve a problem or two, and see if there’s a fit.

        Call 603.554.1948


        Not quite ready? Stay in touch through my monthly blog & video roundup.  Or, click here to read a sample.


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