In Transition

You’re in Transition. And Overwhelmed. 

  • Mid-life or beyond: it’s time for you, but what’s next?
  • Major life changes and you need to get unstuck and move forward.
  • You’re downsizing/rightsizing for your next chapter in life.
  • You can’t quite get your mojo back. Your energy is down. You’re floundering.
  • You’ve started a new chapter yet it’s difficult to absorb all this change at once.

You want a roadmap. That’s what we create together.

Something big has happened and it’s changing your perspective on your things.  Closing one door, one chapter. Opening up the next one. To a new chapter. If you know what that is. Maybe you don’t see it yet. That’s where we work. And that’s where I started. [Read what clients say here.]

Life changes disrupt our organized lives.

  • you’re now single – widowed, separated, divorced.
  • your children are out on their own – the so-called empty nest stage [or how about “refeathering!”].
  • you’re finally starting that new business you’ve had in mind.
  • …or your business is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up.
  • you just discovered you have ADHD or some other brain-based challenge.
  • you’re downsizing or simply want less stuff around you.
(c) Sue West photo - What's next ? How will you get there?

(c) Sue West photo – What’s next ? How will you get there?


You don’t know where to start. 

How to let go of the last chapter? Where are you headed? You’re stuck between the last chapter and this one, yet pretty sure you do want to move on.

At these times, it is common to want to dramatically simplify one’s life, letting go of things and of commitments, so you can create time for what’s becoming more important.

It’s your next chapter knocking at the door.

You’ve noticed already that you are thinking differently about your things, your space, your family/friends, use of your time and more.


Get unstuck. Move forward. Honor the past. 

organize for a new chapter

(c) Sue West photo – What’s on the other side ? – Joe English Reservation, Amherst, New Hampshire

Our work together will focus on sorting out and organizing your thoughts and creating some strategies and plans so that you can get unstuck and look forward to move forward. We’ll look at:

  • What you need to let go of and leave behind to move on (things, but also beliefs, people and more).
  • Discover what’s becoming more important to you.
  • What you want in your next chapter.
  • How you’ll create the new chapter.
  • How you’ll know when you’re there.

Take control in ways you need to and we’ll figure out the other pieces together. You’re in charge.


 If this all sounds good so far…

You can read more about my specialties here at these links. ADHD, time management, and big life changes & transitions are my specialties.

Or you can talk with me, a Certified Organizer Coach(R) and ADHD Specialist, for 15 or 20 minutes to see if there’s a fit with what you’re thinking about and my working style. I am also a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization(R),  which informs my work, by phone or Zoom.

If you’re not quite ready for one on one work, you might read my book, Organize for A Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life. It’s available throughout my site, at Amazon, on my own store.  organize for a fresh start book

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Advice provided for "10 decluttering tips for boomers."

Advice provided for “10 decluttering tips for boomers.”