Workbook, PLUS 30 minute Kick Start Call AND 30 minute Midway call [2 calls total]

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The workbook walks you through:

  • Figuring out where to start, out of all the things overwhelming you.
  • Recognizing what IS and HAS worked for you before. Because that can work again.
  • Deciding on one change you want to make. One at a time builds momentum.
  • Figuring out what would help to make the change – strategies that work.
  • How to remember to practice and use the new strategy or habit.
  • A way to keep track of your progress because you will have progress this time.
  • And how to get back on the tracks if you feel like you’re slipping off. Because it happens!

What’s in the workbook?
My 4 step program: 1. Preparation 2. Patterns 3. Practice 4. Progress. This is how I’ve been working with people in coaching. Clients say more here [testimonials in their words].

Specifics: What you'll find inside

> 15 practical, self-awareness exercises.

> Spacious pages of advice, along with the exercises.

> Your own chart to keep track of how you'll get from your "before" to your "after."

> My favorite, go to resources for learning more.

How long does it take?

The easy part is figuring out where you’ll start, what’s worked before, your strengths and the new strategies you want to try practicing. You could breeze through that quickly.

As with everything important in life, it’s the practice that takes time. And that’s really up to you and how long it takes for you to latch onto some new habits, practice them and feel like they are solid.

You’ll feel the difference on day one. And then you’ll need to continue practicing; that’s where the tracking comes in that’s in the workbook and if you want it, the calls with me [optional].

What else? 3 options for you.

  1. Buy the workbook. Work on your own or contact me for your free, 30-minute kick start call.
  2. Buy the workbook with kick start call. PLUS add 1 call midway through as accountability for yourself. [2 total calls]
  3. Partner with me, throughout your workbook experience. 4 calls. Accountability, deadlines, coaching or consulting.

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