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Putting “Just Enough” Structure in Your Days

” I  suppose I ‘should’  have more structure but it sounds so …. rigid and inflexible.”  I hear that often or something along those lines. The question is:  Do you feel as if you have enough or too much structure…

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Organize for More Energy

A common sentiment lately: “I’m exhausted at night and on the weekends. I never feel like doing much except watching TV, floating on Facebook and I just feel so … Out of balance Guilty that I’m not spending time with…

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Self-Care: 4 Strategies to Push through Perfectionism & Procrastination

Sue: Does this sound like you? I am always late. I never seem to be able to get to my most important goal. I am too busy. I try, but I keep hitting roadblocks. Maybe I am not `cut out`…

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Fresh Starts – My Interview at "Oh, So Organized" with Linda Samuels

“I didn’t realize how much was happening in my life until I told you what the last few years have been like.” “I’m stuck and can’t figure how to move on – plus, I don’t know what’s next. “ A…

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Does Your Level of Chaos Suit Your Life?

I LOVED this article by Meg Wolitzer, which might surprise her. She writes, “Not long ago, hearing me complain about not finding something, a friend offered to buy me a consult with a professional organizer. As the date approached, I…

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Women, Inspiring Women – Part II

Part II: I`m sharing words of wisdom from four women, all winners of a statewide honor, called the New Hampshire Business Review`s Outstanding Women in Business Honor. This is part II; the first part is here. If you`re not in…

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