reflect on reorganizing goals

Reorganize after Big Life Changes: Move Forward

Life’s transitions usually require that we reorganize and adapt to the changes we’ve just gone through. Whether it’s marriage, children, empty nest or a change in careers, becoming a supervisor or starting a business, how we “organize life” and our…

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When You'll Want to Rethink Your Organizational Strategies

There are certain times when you’ll want to rethink how you’re managing your life, time and your stuff. This article will give you a list of when this is worth paying attention to, why it matters and what to think…

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What's Next: Choosing a Path after a Big Life Change

Choosing your path is often overwhelming, isn`t it? And especially if you`re dealing with a life changing event. Now, you`re supposed to `choose.` Choose a `path.` Sounds difficult, big and overwhelming. And so you get stuck. But you know intuitively…

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