before the storm hits

Sudden Chaos: How Did We Get Here (and how do we deal!)

You’re overwhelmed and you don’t know how you got to this point.  Sudden chaos !  The house is a mess. My time is completely out of control. But I’m using the same systems I always have to organize my days…

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reflect on reorganizing goals

Reorganize after Big Life Changes: Move Forward

Life’s transitions usually require that we reorganize and adapt to the changes we’ve just gone through. Whether it’s marriage, children, empty nest or a change in careers, becoming a supervisor or starting a business, how we “organize life” and our…

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What's Next: Choosing a Path after a Big Life Change

Choosing your path is often overwhelming, isn`t it? And especially if you`re dealing with a life changing event. Now, you`re supposed to `choose.` Choose a `path.` Sounds difficult, big and overwhelming. And so you get stuck. But you know intuitively…

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