stuck fog

What Other Possibilities Could There Be?

This is SUCH a useful question when you’re stuck, when things haven’t been going well so you’re sliding down that hill of “I can’t ever do this …” , for black and white thinking (ever/never; yes/no; success or failure); or…

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me time

“Me Time”: 2020 Intention

“Me time”: How much you get depends on many factors, and one of them is you. (Others can include: ages of children, caring for an aging parent or a child/adult who needs more parent time, your mental health, work/school, etc.)….

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decision making

Decision-Making: A 6 Question System to Follow

Decision-making: Do you get paralyzed sometimes? Spend too much time on the small stuff and not enough on what turns out to be a big decision?  Here are 6 ways to improve, get unstuck and spend your time more wisely….

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Begin with Yes by Paul Boynton – A Short Perspective

Paul Boynton’s book called Begin with Yes is delightfully honest and clear. “Begin with Yes,” speaks to what it takes to move ahead with what’s important to us, whether it’s to start meditating, help out your parents, move into a…

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Crazy Schedules – How Do You Keep Organized?

I’m guest blogging over at The Patchwork Pearl today. Linda and I met through Women Inspiring Women, an education and networking group we both belong to. When I read her tag line, and heard she holds retreats for quilters and…

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organize your thoughts

Does Your Level of Chaos Suit Your Life?

I LOVED this article by Meg Wolitzer, which might surprise her. She writes, “Not long ago, hearing me complain about not finding something, a friend offered to buy me a consult with a professional organizer. As the date approached, I…

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