next chapters - endings and beginnings

New Beginnings: Where to Start

New beginnings: Is there a gaping hole in your life because of a big event that’s now over, practically anyway? Could be  a career change, a significant health or mental health diagnosis, the end of a relationship,  the end of…

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reflect on reorganizing goals

Reorganize after Big Life Changes: Move Forward

Life’s transitions usually require that we reorganize and adapt to the changes we’ve just gone through. Whether it’s marriage, children, empty nest or a change in careers, becoming a supervisor or starting a business, how we “organize life” and our…

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What's Next: Choosing a Path after a Big Life Change

Choosing your path is often overwhelming, isn`t it? And especially if you`re dealing with a life changing event. Now, you`re supposed to `choose.` Choose a `path.` Sounds difficult, big and overwhelming. And so you get stuck. But you know intuitively…

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Single and Secure

  “Financial security and changing attitudes make it possible – and often appealing – for women in the second phase of their lives to embrace the freedom of going solo.” My advice on starting a new chapter as a single…

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Facing Divorce? Get Organized.

A useful post to those facing divorce — and tips #1 and #2 are about getting your papers and your schedule/time organized so you stay sane through it all. Article from The Huffington Post, “Insider’s Divorce Advice:” “So here’s the…

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Organize for a Fresh Start: Post Divorce

Doesn’t it feel great when you reorganize some “thing” – a junk drawer, your linens, your desk, your mail? It’s cathartic. It’s all under control. You stop thinking about it. This post is about moving on by using your organizing…

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