email routines

Email: Steps to Stop the Time Leak in Your Days [Productivity Video Links]

One of the time leaks in the bucket of your days. It interferes with your day. Time passes too quickly. Think about this though. How many “to do” tasks are actually sitting your email box? Lots more than you think….

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An Email Routine: How to Create Your Own [And a look at mine]

“I forgot to get back to that client and it’s been 2 weeks!”  “Ugh. There’s so much email. I want to leave it and RUN!”  “Where will I EVER find that vendor’s estimate?” Too much email. Not the best way…

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email gems

Email: Change Your Mindset to Lower Your Stress

Yes, I do occasionally get really stressed about my overflowing, never ending email inbox.  My tipping point? More than one screen of email. [What’s yours?] The stress is because it means there are people I’ve not responded to and I…

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Email Interruptions: 6 Solutions

Reader question: “You’ve decided to work on a project exclusively for two hours. You have to retrieve files and information clients have sent you over email. In the process, your current email downloads and you see that there are issues…

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Organizing Email – What Works? Guest Interview.

You`re a business owner or at work and your emails are overwhelming. What`s your trigger to clear your email box? Talking with me recently, my food memories workbook co-author, Melissa Mannon, told me her trigger is … drum roll please…

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