It’s Your Holiday, Too, Remember.

This post is about taking care of you during the holiday season . It’s a simple list of ways to make things easier on yourself, not a ‘to do’ list. Just in case you feel like this little one.   …

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Get Super Clear on Priorities [2 Minute Video Tip]

Too much on your plate; deadlines are on top of you; you feel as if you can’t breathe, sleep or eat ? Set priorities, but how, when you’re so stressed? I’m sharing with you another of my “2 Minutes Matters”…

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No Clutter Gifts: How to Figure out What to Give

Run out of gift ideas? No clutter is your mantra this year. And you really don’t want to give something without meaning.  Or maybe your giftee lives in a tiny house? (Sometimes, I wish!) No Clutter Gift Ideas For the…

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red holiday tulips

5 Tips to a Simpler, Calmer Holiday Season

I used to shake my head and procrastinate about pulling things together for the “holiday season,” which in my life, extends from October-ish through mid January. A victim of the holiday stress. Okay a little dramatic, but that’s what holiday…

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Gift Certificates for Organizing/Coaching Services: Doing it "Right"

You’re sure that if he/she worked with an organizing coach, life would be better, calmer, more productive at work and at home. I know it will … but would he or she agree? This is the time of year you…

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Reorganizing Traditions! French Meat Pies.

Simplifying and updating our traditions to fit our lives – I’ve written and spoken about this lately. And so today, we have a guest blog post, from my friend, Donna, about how her family has continued important tradition, but modified…

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