wake up time

A Consistent Wakeup Time Makes Mornings Easier

Do you have a consistent morning wakeup time? If you don’t, I wonder how the mornings are going. Are you late, rushing, missing things for work, not getting your quiet time, exercise time, and pushing your children or aging parent…

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Routine Support: Healthy Routines with Dr. Mark Bertin, CHADD Speaker

ADHD: a Matter of Routine — Some great ideas and suggestions from Mark Bertin, a pediatrics doctor, who spoke at the CHADD conference recently. His website: https://developmentaldoctor.com/about-2/ His session description: ADHD – A Matter of Routine   I’ve written two…

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Starting Your Day, The Right Way

I’m walking down the hallway at my gym/club, hearing my sneakers squeak, and looking around to see what’s happening at 7 a.m. I love seeing the sign “No cell phones in the gym,” because my time there is my quiet…

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