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Organizing Papers at Home: A Framework

Organizing papers – Once you understand that there’s a “time flow” to dealing with papers at home, figuring out your framework to manage papers becomes a whole lot easier. And, once you nail down what makes sense to you for…

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Going Back to School – As An Adult

Most of my clients are mid life and beyond and they are embarking on new chapters in life – exciting, daunting, refreshing and uncomfortable – all at once! A way to feel more comfortable is to take a little bit…

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Papers – What to Keep & Toss

Below are some generic standards – good but generic – for what papers to keep and get rid of for your papers. In all instances, your own accountant or financial planner has the final say, i.e., overrides these reference sheets….

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Tax Papers Organizing

Small businesses & taxes – The documents are arriving in the mail, along with our tax organizer packages. This article is step by step advice for keeping track of these papers, particularly for your small business. I’ve included links to…

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Does Your Level of Chaos Suit Your Life?

I LOVED this article by Meg Wolitzer, which might surprise her. She writes, “Not long ago, hearing me complain about not finding something, a friend offered to buy me a consult with a professional organizer. As the date approached, I…

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What Business Files Does a Solopreneur Need?

I like a lot of Smead’s products because the company often thinks of us, the users and how to make all this organization easier on us. Papers aren’t going away so if you can think of them as part of…

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