An Unhurried Sense of Time: How Do You Do That!?

An Unhurried sense of time. I need that this week and so I decided to reread and update this post. Writing does slow down my sense of hurry. Unhurried and time: words that don’t go together smoothly, do they? I’m…

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home office produtivity

Pause to Slow Down Time

Do you have a quiet, zen sort of space or place where you can pause, so you feel like you are in your own world, like in a bubble? Protected from the noise of the world? Where you get mentally…

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Pause to change: Paulo Coelho

Pause for Breaks: Advice if you have trouble slowing down

My mind is racing along. I feel like it’s a good thing – in the flow or zone – but then the entire day flies by.  I can’t seem to put on the brakes. Later, when I don’t follow through,…

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