Journaling for Organizing

Journaling to support organizing: A spiral-bound journal, so it can lay flat.  A set of Crayola markers. Thoughts, wants, reflections. The value of journaling to organizing ? Only you have that answer. But I will suggest that you simply start….

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Your Own Space — Space 4 U

Fascinating conversation yesterday, with five women, age ranges (guessing here) from mid 30’s to early 50’s. On this topic, we all felt the same way — about our own space in our homes, or lack thereof. We were talking about…

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Remember, Regroup, Reorganize

You’re writing your next chapter because: your children are out on their own. you’re finally starting that new business you’ve had in mind`& or it’s growing so fast it’s hard to keep up. maybe just discovered you have ADD, or…

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