email gems

Email: Change Your Mindset to Lower Your Stress

Yes, I do occasionally get really stressed about my overflowing, never ending email inbox.  My tipping point? More than one screen of email. [What’s yours?] The stress is because it means there are people I’ve not responded to and I…

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Time Management: Create Choices to Create Calm

To many people, the words “management,” “structure,” and “system” sound, strict, linear, and rigid. How can you have choices and flexibility, with “just enough” structure to help you stay on track, get things done, and struggle less with organizing your…

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Pause to change: Paulo Coelho

Pause for Breaks: Advice if you have trouble slowing down

My mind is racing along. I feel like it’s a good thing – in the flow or zone – but then the entire day flies by.  I can’t seem to put on the brakes. Later, when I don’t follow through,…

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Who runs your days?

10 Ways to Know You Got a Lot Done Today

 “I get to the end of my day and I want to do ‘just one more thing,’ because I feel like I haven’t gotten ANYTHING done all day. My whole day was organized chaos!” 10 Ways to See What You…

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Certification Requirements: Staying Ahead

Last time, I focused on how I keep up with what clients might need, and paying enough attention and time to my value of learning and of curiosity. Today, I’ll share thoughts on keeping up with your certification or licensure…

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“Yeah, I Can Do That.”

As a small business owner, I look for a couple of events a year which are inspirational. What I look for is people to look up to. People who have been on a similar path in some way. I might…

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