Inside my Office: Uses for the Time Timer

This is my best friend, my Time Timer. This is one of only two products I consistently recommend to clients. We are all wired so differently – how our brains work, how we stay motivated, how we get started or…

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summer schedule-chaos or calm

Summer Schedule: Chaos or Calm?

Summer schedule changes can wreak havoc, unless you organize time differently. Before the summer started, we had a regular flow to our workdays, a regular time we got involved with children or grandchildren, some sort of regular patterns to our…

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3 words

2017: My 3 Words. This Really Works.

3 words: This really works. I reflect on and choose my 3 words to guide my upcoming year. And they do guide my daily actions as well as how I show up, in work and in life. The 3 words…

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Self-Care, Someday

“Self-care” is swirling around in my head and “retirement” is swirling around along with it. (Not mine!)) My brain makes connections easily; once you hear the connection I made, I hope it’ll make sense and be useful for you. Self-care…

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Organize for More Energy

A common sentiment lately: “I’m exhausted at night and on the weekends. I never feel like doing much except watching TV, floating on Facebook and I just feel so … Out of balance Guilty that I’m not spending time with…

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Take Better Care Yourself? Suggestions for Mind, Body & Spirit

“I’m getting this feeling that I need to pay more attention to myself – my mind, my body, my spirit. And I simply don’t know where to start.” Your energy is flagging. Or you’re taking care of everyone else except…

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