switching gears

Mixing up Personal & Work During the Day: Clues it’s NOT Working.

Switching gears: What difference does it make if you mix up your workday and personal life “things to do?” How do you know when you’re too structured or not structured enough with your work/life boundaries? I have two quick lists…

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next chapters Pema Chodron

Next Chapters: Where to Start

There’s a gaping hole in your life because of a big event:  a career change, a significant health or mental health diagnosis, the end of a relationship,  or your adult children are fully on their own. You know you need…

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productivity ADHD videos list

Productivity Videos – the latest

Returning from Travel. My Weekend Task List is Too Long! Pre-Long Weekend – How to Make it Easier to Return. And a preview of my new workbook for managing your ADHD symptoms before they manage you.  4 new videos follow,…

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vacation prep - exhausted

Vacations: Top 4 Tips for Leaving & Returning

I used to “freak out” before and after vacations, exhausting myself on both ends of my time away. Sort of defeats the “refresh, relax, retreat” point of it all though,don’t you think? Now, though, each time I go away for…

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red holiday tulips

5 Tips to a Simpler, Calmer Holiday Season

I used to shake my head and procrastinate about pulling things together for the “holiday season,” which in my life, extends from October-ish through mid January. A victim of the holiday stress. Okay a little dramatic, but that’s what holiday…

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Life Changes: 3 Strategies to a Less Chaotic Life

  Your college student is home. You adopted a puppy. You`re redesigning and renovating your kitchen or your home office. You`ve moved recently. Your parents need you to support them as they decide where to move next. Changes like these…

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