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Work AND Summertime Schedule: 15 Ideas to Mix Them Together

Summertime and it’s beautiful …. outside! It’s hard to pay attention to work if you’re working from home in particular, isn’t it. Summer is precious here in the northeast U.S. As I write, it’s rainy but GREEN. The geese are…

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Self-Employed? Family business? How to take time off – comfortably and without guilt.

If you’re self-employed or in a family business it’s hard to feel comfortable taking off days or a vacation. As we head towards the holidays and a new year, here is a list of ways to start to discuss the…

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Vacations: Top 4 Tips for Leaving & Returning

I used to “freak out” before and after vacations, exhausting myself on both ends of my time away. Sort of defeats the “refresh, relax, retreat” point of it all though,don’t you think? Now, though, each time I go away for…

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Pressing Reset

You know sometimes how you have an idea pop into your head and then it floats away? And then a week later, a thought floats into your head, same topic and you pay more attention? That just happened to me…

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Return from Holiday Travel More Easily: A Checklist

You’re finishing up your shopping, you’re getting ready to travel over the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, real life is going on, and on top of it, you have extra activities at this time of year. You’re in a good mood but…

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