3 words

2017: My 3 Words. This Really Works.

3 words: This really works. I reflect on and choose my 3 words to guide my upcoming year. And they do guide my daily actions as well as how I show up, in work and in life. The 3 words…

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Vision Board 2016

Deciding what makes it on your (limited size) vision board is a crucial and defining part of this process. It’s yet another example of “letting go” skills and “decision making” skills, whether you’re creating your board for work, home or…

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My 3 Words: Themes for My Year

Along with vision boards and regular goals, I’ve added – and been effective  with –  Chris Brogan’s “My 3 words”  approach. This is about choosing a few themes for the year. By intentionally choosing 3 words and not choosing many…

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