What Clients Say-Testimonials

Organized by coaching topic. 

Results: ADHD Organizing & Coachingadhd in couples


Couples: one with ADHD and the other without: Sue always helps us see the perspective we can’t see when we’re so involved in our own lives! The third party view is so so helpful and I can’t recommend Sue enough! She’s easy to talk to and GETS it 🙂

I am a 52 year old female who has been twice-diagnosed with ADHD. Now that I can objectively look back on the situation, it is ironic, and maybe even a bit comical that I didn’t pay attention to the first diagnosis in my early 40’s.However, during the later stage of peri-menopause things weren’t very comical with a combination of both personal and work-related stress, things came to a crashing halt. I needed help and you answered my call. Your knowledge and understanding has helped me immensely.  Each time we spoke, you provided a level of awareness to where I was at any given moment. You always left me with a guide, and possible directions to head in.  You helped me understand the importance of breaking things into smaller tasks, as well as encouraged me to stay on my mission to get organized.  I can say for certain, ADHD has explained so much about my life, BUT it has been the hardest thing to face and accept, and you just simply made it easier overall.  I also appreciate the reassurance that I was viewing good [ADHD educational] material. With so much information available online, it is easy for anyone to get overwhelmed, let alone someone with ADHD.  Knowing I am heading in the right direction was all I needed to get going, and I will always be grateful to you for lending your ear, your knowledge and your sound advice.

Business Owner: Sue understands adult ADHD! Recently diagnosed at age 51 and urgently wanting accountability and strategies, I could not have wished for a better coach. Sue’s breadth of knowledge really helped to sort out what does work – and much to my great relief – what does not work. She is fun, meets you right where you are at and her questions and suggestions are elegantly simple. Understanding how to create motivation, what saps it, and the conditions that I work best in is freeing and has been a real confidence-builder!

Our work lived up to every word I had read on Sue’s LinkedIn profile. Someone who could see through my life and actions with great acuity. She was not only able to size up a situation or behavior with clarity, but was also able to help me identify triggers and therefore help me formulate useful and manageable solutions. In doing so, I now recognize situations before I get lost in them. Sue also helped me understand and identify my ADD/ADHD tendencies and behaviors thus helping me to recognize them now as I continue on. I went from feeling like I was going nowhere fast to realizing that I could in fact make progress and take control. She has my highest recommendation. Sue is the real deal! …If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whirlwind of disjointed efforts and details of your life, if you can only see forest and no trees, if you feel like you’re running but you’re not getting anything done, definitely give Sue a call. Take control. Do it.

It’s unbelievable how you just happen to say the perfect things to get me going.  Meeting you in person was the best motivation for me.  You really know how to listen/watch and figure out what I need moving forward.  You truly are an expert in your field!

adhd-getting unstuckThe road has certainly not been straight and I feel very fortunate to have found you on that road. I seem to have found a happy balance. I am not completely organized, never will be, but very much less distracted and able to make organizational decisions.  I did pass your name onto my counselor when she asked me for your name for another one of her clients.  I guess I bragged enough about how good you were! Be well, and happy, and I will see you later!

It’s 4:30 and I’m still sitting in my classroom.  Not because I’m still working, though.  Because I’m savoring the peace that comes with a better organized space.  I still need to figure out a system for (that one last group of paper…)  But there aren’t a lot … so I’ll figure it out as I go forward, because finished is better than perfect.  Thanks so much for your help, encouragement, insightful questions and hard work!  You are such a godsend! You are the best!

Sue, as always, the emails I receive from you match with my heart’s greatest desires…..Each day I’m committing 2 hours to self-care (minimal) I’m sensing new joys each day as I immerse myself in heart and creative activities while letting go of old attachments….

Working with Sue West is working with someone who is “all in!”  Fully focused, engaged  and insightful is how I would describe our interactions.  Sue is skillful in listening and providing the feedback that makes me want to take action!  Getting unstuck is what I needed and I am very grateful for Sue’s expertise in removing the glue from my shoes!

Incredible, thank you for a visual of a wonderful mantra.  Slow and steady towards my true self.  I really appreciate the reminder that needing support is normal for a lot of folks and not just because of my brain injury (TBI).  I’d like to put the brain injury behind me and embrace myself for who I am today.   Working with you is so helpful.

I always thought being organized had to look a certain way—and that way never really fit me. Sue’s coaching opened up new ways of getting organized that worked to my strengths. Not only did we organize my space, we also organized my time. Best of all, being located hundreds of miles apart was not a limitation at all. Through Skype, phone calls, and email, it was as if Sue were right next to me, sharing her supremely insightful and supportive coaching. I heartily recommend her.

You have made me see things – and not just at work – can be so much easier for me to succeed in, by  just doing things a little differently. The biggest thing you have given me …. is asking for help will not KILL me. I can never thank you enough for that.

I feel I have an accountability partner in you Sue who keeps me focused, honest with myself and realistic in my approach, I definitely need reminders to take it slow and steady…….

I knew from the start that you would be good for me!  The real answers are in the details and being willing to delve in and address them.   You have a real gift for listening, mirroring and then, importantly, waiting.  Thank you for this opportunity to reflect and close out.   Although, we may not be done as my life will go on and I don’t plan on losing your phone number.

Your ADHD coaching was stabilizing. Thinking of my life in Chapters was not just helpful but energizing by way of getting me interested in new ways to think about how to design a life that fits for me, in a specific timeline.

I feel 1000% more productive.

I feel SO great! I really appreciate your encouragement, ideas and support. I’m already feeling more balanced! Plus, I’ve made it to Zumba 2 weeks in a row!

You are the state’s best kept secret. Very grateful for you as a resource.

Hiring you is the best thing we could have done for ourselves.

You made realize that I already had the solution to my own problem. You acknowledged what I felt and then pointed out what I already knew where my courses of actions and what do I want to do about it. You reinforced my feelings that time is precious to me and donating would take less of my time.

My ADHD issues: Living with this disorder doesn’t necessarily mean one understands it, no matter what degree they have. Being open to the suggestions and willing to change is something that I’m sure is challenging for a provider. I will always be grateful for working with you. You have shared so much! Thank you again!

Results: Self-Employed/Work at Home

Working with Sue helps my blood pressure come down. She helps me reach goals by decluttering my mind about a topic, rather than just the space, or the items. While I’m a natural organizer myself, I have turned to Sue at times when life presents extra challenges and I’m not able to devote time and creative energy to it alone. Then I always get the extra benefit of her deeper knowledge of systems, cognitive functioning, and family dynamics. With Sue’s help, I’m able to make deeper, more sustained changes that create peace and progress.   Jean Rogers, M.S.Ed.,  Author/Parent Educator/Program Director

​I really appreciate how you help me organize these disparate threads into a plan!~ self employed business owner, after attending a ‘business bootcamp.’

Lyme disease: Because of my memory problems, I was so afraid that I was going to forget something, that I wrote everything down!  So when I looked at my list I would just get overwhelmed and discouraged and do nothing.  Your tip on color coding my to do list was very helpful, especially on the days I was not feeling well.  When I saw the red/pink highlighted items, I knew that I just needed to focus on these for the day! I also can not believe I went all my life without a planner!  Also, getting rid of my perfectionistic attitude toward my paperwork helped too!

But above all these things, I feel different. The house is still in progress but I am not feeling overwhelmed over it. For the first time in my life I feel like I can handle it. And that it will all eventually have a place. I can’t explain the joy I feel because I don’t feel like a failure.

Thank YOU for your partnership with me on these issues- I hope that I have said, often, how much your help has been appreciated and how much it has been instrumental in moving me forward!  I certainly value everything that you have brought to this table!

And I love working with you!!! I told my business partner that 2 hours with you is better than therapy. I think the word “organizer” is not a big enough word for what you do.

You really are a large part of helping me…I’ve mentioned before that it just feels good to have you helping me and makes me work BETTER!

The thinking aloud processing and mirroring back is an enormous and beautiful gift, for which I am so grateful to you and your talents. I feel someone actually gets my thinking in a non-judgmental or critical fashion.

What started out as “will you help me organize my office” has grown into so much more.

Accountability to you is extra helpful because you don’t lavish on the praise but instead ask questions that allow me to see how what I have done is beneficial to me.

My work with Sue …has kept me accountable. And I built momentum towards my goal as well.

I am feeling VERY energized with the sense of progress we are making…even when I have not got to some of the things yet, it is not making me feel frustrated as much….more woohoos!!

You helped me to see the positive side of time management and how things could be improved to replace my habit of beating myself up over things. Very practical and personal.

I thought that what we discussed regarding niche, along with ideal client, or clients that get me excited was especially useful, incorporating that discussion with improvements to my website, focused blog posts etc. was something that I could work into the framework very cleanly…. I found the brainstorming to be extremely effective.

I seem to be getting into a groove now that I feel more comfortable with what I have learned… I soooooo appreciate all your expertise and assistance. I am very fortunate to have worked with you. I just can’t say enough! You made a huge difference in helping to change my thought process.

I think of you gratefully often.

I have sent a very quick request on your behalf to Sue West, an awesome organizational coach, to get in touch with you. Expect her call soon.

Our mutual client is making progress with her boss and her work organization. This is good news. Much thanks for all your continued effort.

Results: In Transition


I hired Sue West as I was entering a transition in my career life. I would hire Sue again in a heartbeat. She helped me make connections in different parts of my life  and/or journey that provided me with a new perspective. Her observations, reflections, & challenges created the kind of holistic package I needed. I left every phone session feeling more motivated than ever before, and with tasks that kept me moving forward. Sue exudes a wisdom beyond her years.

I am feeling like the north wind, blowing out all the unnecessary things in my life! Thanks so much.

You have a gift of guiding one towards clarity….bless you….thank you…..I am grateful for the way you helped me yesterday get to the underpinning of what was really going on!

It was amazing to meet you last week and for me to be able to finally spend time figuring out what is going to make my life easier! Also, figuring out how to make the space we have work for our family was HUGE.

I just feel so much better after getting control over some things. It truly is about the little things…because they pile up and they turn into BIG THINGS.

I found you as a Kindle free book, and I was so surprised that it was so substantial, complete, and truly helpful. I quickly realized that I also needed the book in my hands, so I purchased a organize for a fresh start bookhard copy. Your focus on reorganizing as an essential, even profound companion to life change, spoke to me on a level that went way beyond the nuts-and-bolts of organizing . And the help you have given me in our phone conversations has been so insightful, as it speaks to me as a unique individual. As someone who has always been chronically disorganized, I have learned so much not only about the habits that don’t serve me, but about what I can truly know about myself, and even honor what’s still a work-in-progress!

Our conversations made all the difference in my getting both an emotional and organizational grasp on the road map for sorting and moving.  Again, just having you to talk through the process with me made the difference I needed to focus and design a doable plan of attack. … my reframing the move to one of “going ahead” rather than “leaving behind” was the shift for emotional motivation I needed. Honestly, I’d still be stuck without having asked for help and reached out to you. The concept of roadmaps – and the other pearl of using the ladies room for a quiet place before speaking etc… will stick with me forever as GREAT tools!

I can imagine what an anchor you can be for clients wrestling with change. You provided us with two, clear playbooks for navigating change and managing it. What I most want to mention is your advice to focus on the positive outcomes. It’s so easy to lose our way in the midst of change. And positive, sought after changes produce stress, so keeping that balance of now/future, as you say, is a source of hope as we move through all of this.

Thank you again for all you have done for XXXX, our agency’s client. She clearly would not be where she is today without your help. You really are great at what you do.

Thank you so much for being so great to work with and so helpful to our residents. Your service makes a big difference to the residents and we appreciate how you handle each client uniquely. Your feedback is so helpful and valuable.

I have to share with you that a number of times while manning (womaning?) the membership table, I overheard women talk SO favorably about you as a coach and a person. I thought you’d like to know that. I didn’t hear that kind of conversation about anyone else whose literature was on display. Just you. I was quick to add that I have used your services and concurred. 🙂

Thank you for all those suggestions – to be honest – I want them to work with you –I know you – trust you and like the way you handle situations.

I’m so glad it worked out – I always feel confident referring people to you my dear.

Results: Presentations

presentating on office organizingYou made us think differently.

Instructor was compassionate, knowledgeable and encouraged participants to actively speak up and express themselves.  Extremely helpful in planning future goals.

One of the best ICD teleclasses I’ve listened to by far.  You’re an excellent communicator.

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the ADE conference. Very motivating … and perfect for a group of entrepreneurs.

I always like to hear what you have to say, and I think that the mind/body/business connection is so important, that I always learn something from you.

I learned so much and will be able to apply many things to my clients that are in transition and also to those that are just stuck at a certain point.  I loved your comment about taking pride in any forward progress.

The group really enjoyed your presentation, and I could tell everyone was very engaged.

The feedback was so positive. (Host).  I’ve been to things like this before but SHE really knows what she is talking about. (Participant).

You are a SUPERB ICD presenter!! What fantastic information! So much to grasp  . . . I finally stopped writing and just listened. Will go back and listen to your recording when it comes out.

Sue- what a fabulous class you gave!  My assessments just got a whole lot better!

Amazing presentation this evening!   We are very fortunate to have had you as a presenter and I hope it won’t be the last time.

I not only wanted to thank you today for the awesome webinar, but let you know that a few months ago I purchased your book. Then today I come to find out that the author is YOU! How wonderful to interact with the person who’s book gave me inspiration to pass onto my customers. Small world ….