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Personal Productivity & ADHD Coach

Your mind is always busy.

Your life feels chaotic. At home. At work.  In your own business. You have ADHD or you think you might because you’re forgetful, distracted, feel less efficient than other people seem, procrastinate and can’t get away from your cluttered mind. You want to match your intentions with your follow through. Your personal productivity – your whole life – is feeling chaotic and you’re not living up to the potential you know have.

Coach Sue West

Sue West. Certified Organizer Coach (R) ADHD Specialist. Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization(R)

Your productivity at work and at home is shot. You’re not getting stuff done. Your office is disorganized. You lose track of projects, referrals, and client details. You’re tired of moving from crisis to crisis, often using deadlines to force you to get things done. Time management? Not your strength.

Chaos. Stress. Couples conflict. You can’t figure out how to manage it all. You’ve reached a point where you just want it to be easier. You want a road map, some new ways to “organize life” and get unstuck at work so that you can move onto the next level.


Organize Your Life. At Home. At Work.

Here’s what we create together:

  • practical strategies to organize and simplify your days, at home and at work, strategies that fit your life;
  • new systems and new habits, to make changes really happen [and last !];
  • new and different ways to manage your attention, ADHD, or memory issues;
  • accountability … with compassion and patience, in a learning-focused, compassionate, “no judgment” zone;
  • all with someone who appreciates and knows about many different ways to organize your Things, Thoughts and Time.
Productivity ADHD Coaching - Possibilities

What’s Possible? (c) Sue West photo

You have this when you work with me. I am Sue West, an experienced, Certified Organizer Coach(R), ADHD Specialist and Certified Professional Organizer-Chronic Disorganization(R). I specialize in systems to manage time, tasks, attention, priorities – in work and this often extends to life – especially if you’re self employed or working from home. I am a specialist in ADHD and chronic disorganization. My 20 years in a corporate setting, including management roles, plus my MBA have been helpful to my self-employed clients, those who work from home and those in office settings.

From a Client: “Sue understands adult ADHD! Recently diagnosed at age 51 and urgently wanting accountability and strategies, I could not have wished for a better coach. Sue’s breadth of knowledge really helped to sort out what does work – and much to my great relief – what does not work.  She is fun, meets you right where you are at and her questions and suggestions are elegantly simple. Understanding how to create motivation, what saps it, and the conditions that I work best in is freeing and has been a real confidence-builder! “

Productivity ADHD Coaching - Perspectives

Perspectives. Photo: (C) Sue West

Personal Productivity. Life. ADHD. Coaching. How does it work? 

My approach is to mix education, accountability, consulting and coaching in a practical way. As clients say, our time together is a “no judgment” zone. This is about figuring out the solution to your goal as well as learning best practices you can use in other situations.

Together, we first figure out goals and results you want, so that you (a) see and feel progress  and (b) know when you are ready to stop and go it on your own or get a bit of maintenance support and coaching with me, at a lower meeting frequency.

Examples of client goals:

  • Systems for my business to get it to the next level or at least to get out of my own way!
  • Get out of the house on time for work.
  • Figure out how to be more productive during the day as a self-employed person.

    productivity time management

    A daily structure that works? Click the photo for a short video to hear more from me.

  • Be able to focus more. Understand my ADHD better so I can manage it and live up to my potential.
  • Organize my space so the clutter doesn’t scramble my thoughts all the time and I can do more.
  • Turn in my work on time; meet deadlines to clients and supervisor.
  • Implement the systems my business boot camp discussed.
  • Figure out a time management system that works for me and not the one my manager and spouse think will work.

At each meeting, we talk about accomplishments and how you made those happen; this reflection time helps identify repeatable best practices you can use going forward. We also discuss what didn’t happen as expected, and what got in the way, so you learn from that, too.

Time frames: Changes in habits and organizational strategies happen over time and with practice. Think about 2-3 months to start with. {Packages available.}

Seeing a therapist? Wonderful. We can bring in the relevant work or I can collaborate directly if you choose.

[Clients say it best. Click to read.]


Sound good so far?

Your first step: Please call and we will answer questions, solve a problem or two, and see if there’s a fit. Usually 15-20 minutes.  Call 603.554.1948 or email:

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Certified in coaching, chronic organization. ADHD Specialist.

Personal productivity in your business or work …. and in your life.

It’s all connected, isn’t it?