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Personal Coach & ADHD Coach

Your mind is always busy. Too busy.


You can’t figure out how to manage it all.

You’ve reached a point where you just want it to be easier.

Practical Coaching -Organize Your Life


You have this when you work with me. I am Sue West, an experienced, Certified Organizer Coach(R), ADHD Specialist and Certified Professional Organizer-Chronic Disorganization(R).

I specialize in systems to manage time, tasks, attention, priorities – in work and this often extends to life – especially if you’re self employed or working from home.

It’s very different working with people who struggle with organization of their time, tasks, thoughts. Others might call your ways “weird” or maybe you  do, because you feel out of sync with those around you. I get it, and it’s what most of my education and experience have focused on.

Additionally, my corporate career, in client services, product management and management roles, with my MBA, have proven to be helpful to my business clients.

Practical Coaching Examples

“I need …”

  • business systems to get (and me!) to the next level so we can grow. I’m disorganized and have no structure for my days.
  • to start my day better and get out of the house on time for work.
  • to figure out how to be more productive working as a self-employed (or corporate work-from-home) person.
  • to take better care of myself, get some work/life balance in place, and figure out my next chapter.
  • to seriously figure out how to manage my ADHD. ADHD doesn’t just affect me; I’m realizing it affects everyone around me.
  • to be better about getting my Masters degree work turned in on time and meet deadlines. 
  • to implement the systems my business boot camp discussed. I don’t know where to start; there’s so much!
  • to figure out a time management system that works for me and not the one my manager and spouse think will work.

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                                      Sound good so far?

Sue West, Organizing and ADHD Coach

Sue West, Coach

Please call to set a 20 minute coaching call (or so) to answer your questions, solve a problem or two, and see if there’s a fit.

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Prioritizing Steps Video

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